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Your business communications are the public voice of your organisation, so putting together sloppy documentation can only do it harm. It's also true that good writing doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it is always aware of its purpose. By getting to know your target audience, we understand what their needs and concerns are. We write using facts not hearsay, and use this to win the trust of your audience. 

Writing simply is difficult, but it’s also true that writing is really re-writing. Like any other profession, it’s constant practice that enables us to communicate complex ideas with a clarity of precision.

How we help

Our writing and editing services cover marketing, business and technical communications. We provide business writing, copywriting and editing services for magazine features, newsletters, technical papers, annual reports, award submissions, management plans and everything in between.

We perform ghostwriter roles for industry experts and also write under our own bylines, producing popular articles for newspapers, magazines and corporate publications. This includes straight news, editorials, features and blogs on topics such as property, transport and technology.

As business writers and communication professionals, we use clear and concise language to communicate your solutions and ideas in a meaningful way. Our clients ask us to:

  • Create business, marketing and technical documents
  • Identify audiences, develop strategies and create suitable content
  • Generate news stories and feature articles for publications and magazines
  • Write persuasive copy for newsletters, brochures and award submissions
  • Provide accurate and comprehensive technical content for reports, papers and plans.

Bluegum Communication offers a writing and editing service that specialises in the construction, property, engineering and government sectors of Australia. Contact us today to discuss your business writing needs. 

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