Experienced proposal writers and submission editors

Imagine the possibilities that unfold when your business secures a coveted contract. It's not just a transaction, but a gateway to growth, profit and success. At our core, we grasp the transformative power these contracts hold for your organisation. With passion and expertise, we ensure your tenders do more than just meet requirements but exceed expectations. We are the architects of persuasive proposals, the storytellers of your capabilities and the champions of your bids.

Navigating the intricate landscape of government tenders and industry-specific requests for proposals demands more than just words; it requires an in-depth understanding of the nuances within your sector. That's where our team excels. We've cultivated a profound knowledge of the intricacies in construction, property, transport and engineering sectors, allowing us to tailor your proposals with pinpoint precision.

Our approach to tender writing goes beyond filling in forms and meeting deadlines. We're committed to transforming your proposals into compelling narratives that captivate the evaluators. Each section, from returnable schedules to management plans and executive summaries, is meticulously crafted to tell a compelling story of your expertise, innovation and dedication. 

We understand that in the competitive world of tender submissions, the difference between success and obscurity often boils down to how well you can communicate your value. We work closely with your team to extract your unique strengths, weaving them into a narrative that leaves a lasting impression.

Our track record of success speaks for itself, with countless contracts won and satisfied clients. We pride ourselves on not just delivering proposals but creating winning submissions that propel your business forward. Here's how we supercharge your bids:

  1. Bid strategy
  2. Content planning
  3. Proposal writing
  4. Technical writing
  5. CV writing
  6. Editing and proofing
  7. Style guides
  8. Writing workshops
  9. Document reviews.

Crafting winning bid documents requires meticulous research, impeccable writing and addressing those all-important evaluation criteria. Doing this in-house can be a huge drain on resources, diverting your key personnel from their core responsibilities. Contact us today to discuss your tender writing needs.

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