Experienced tender writers and submission editors

Successful tender writing is a major skill. Bid documents need to be properly researched, well written and address the evaluation criteria. Doing this in-house can be a huge drain on resources and take critical business personnel away from their everyday jobs.

We work with companies and teams of all sizes and skills. Our proven tender writing processes will save you time and help you improve your chances of success.

Our approach to proposal writing is more than just spelling and grammar – we write responses that deliver a compelling proposition and give you a high evaluation score.

We work to strict deadlines, while working under pressure from the many different stakeholders involved in the proposal. 

We are unafraid to ask the hard questions, some of which a business may not have encountered before. 

Content strategy and planning

We assess your client's tender requirements and their needs, analyse the tender questions and create content frameworks. We agree win strategies and develop key themes and messages. We source suitable case studies and develop evidence to support your claims.

Tender writing and editing

From the executive summary right through to the CVs, we work with subject matter experts to collect information and draft content. We can write your tender from scratch and edit material provided by others for inclusion in the bid. 

Review and compliance

We review documents for compliance and ensure that each response answers the question and addresses the evaluation criteria. We provide feedback and include opportunities to improve your response based on best tender writing practice.

The benefits of our tender writing services

  • Your bid success rate improves because key staff can spend more time working on their solutions
  • Your bid is persuasive because complex information is converted into easy-to-read content
  • You save time and money because bid writing is a time consuming and often confusing process
  • Your submission is compliant because the client's questions are answered correctly.
At Bluegum Communication, we know how to write winning tenders. We pride ourselves on our proven proposal writing experience, strong command of the English language and genuine understanding of the engineering, construction and property sectors. Call us today to discuss how we can help you. 

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