Local government tender writing

Tender services for small-medium businesses

Do you have your eye on a local council or government tender? But, you’re worried about the potential drain bidding will have on your company’s valuable time and resources? Or, you’ve never tendered before and are unsure how to even begin answering the lengthy criteria?

Many small to medium sized businesses hold back from applying for local government contracts because they can’t afford to take the risk of disrupting their business to reallocate resources.

If this is you – don’t give up just yet!

At Bluegum Communication, tender writing is our speciality. We understand that local government tenders are time consuming due to the demanding and highly scrutinised selection process.

We’re experienced in navigating this process and identifying what you need to do to win. We work with you to ensure you put your best foot forward without compromising the rest of your business. Who said you can’t have it all?

How we can help

Our professional tender writers have widespread experience writing winning tenders for local government jobs. We understand that smaller businesses rarely have the luxury of a dedicated proposal team and that tendering for government contracts is hard work. 

Before we launch into the full process, we help you determine if you’re ready to apply so you don’t waste your time. We review the tender and your credentials and help you work out if you have a realistic chance of winning. This includes checking if you have the right resources, the right systems and processes in place, and whether you can provide the required evidence that you can complete the job. 

We also:

  • Help you navigate the submission process, making it smoother and less complicated 
  • Write a professional submission that meets all selection criteria 
  • Write CVs or bios for your team members  
  • Create more formal policies and procedures so that they meet the required selection criteria
  • Help project manage your team and the process to ensure you submit on time. 

Whether this is your first local government tender or you’re a veteran in this field, we can help. We have a proven record of helping our clients win the jobs they really want and would love to do the same for you.

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