Winning an industry or business award is a strategic marketing move that can have far-reaching positive effects on your company's reputation, visibility and relationships with stakeholders.

In competitive markets, winning an award can also help your company stand out from its competitors. It highlights your unique strengths, achievements and qualities - making you a more attractive choice to potential customers and clients. 

Whether you are recognised as a finalist or a winner, the accolade acknowledges the hard work and accomplishments of your business, team, or the success of a specific project or initiative. Not forgetting the extra media coverage, which can significantly increase your company's visibility and exposure, attract new customers, clients, and business opportunities, as well as strengthen your industry reputation.

Recent awards we have written: 

  1. Women in Defence awards
  2. Engineers Australia Excellence Awards
  3. MBA Excellence in Construction Awards
  4. Australian Construction Achievement Award
  5. Inside Construction Foundation Awards
  6. Australasian Rail Industry Awards.

Writing an award submission takes time

When it comes to submitting award applications, creating them takes a lot of time. You need to capture the judges’ attention and impress them with your entry. At Bluegum Communication, we streamline the process of creating a high-quality award entry, sparing you the effort of writing it yourself. Our comprehensive service includes:

Gathering information: We interview relevant stakeholders and organise the necessary documentation to compile all required information about your business.

Planning and writing: Our team plans and writes your award entry, ensuring it aligns with the criteria and effectively communicates your business's worth.

Script and storyboard preparation: We go a step further by preparing a script and storyboard for the second stage presentation or video, enhancing your chances of making a compelling case.

What do people say?

"Oliver is a communications expert with an unrivalled depth of experience on complex, city shaping infrastructure projects. He is well respected across the industry for his thoughtful and meticulous approach, and his ability to craft compelling messages to sell in his client’s vision. Oliver is extremely reliable and hardworking, essential attributes when working in bid environments. He quickly endears himself to project teams through his collaborative approach, and builds rapport with ease."

Hannah Damkar
Strategic Communications, NSW Government

"I initially engaged Oliver to do some content writing and quickly realised what an amazing talent he was. Oliver is an excellent all round writer and communicator. I had no hesitation in putting him in front of my clients as he is professional, personable and quickly understands the task at hand."

Jennifer Ross
Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Manager

How can we help you? 

Our service handles every aspect of the award submission process, significantly improving your company's chances of winning . By entrusting us with this task, you not only enhance your probability of success but also save valuable time and effort. This allows you to focus on the core of your award-winning business while we take care of the intricacies of crafting a standout award submission.

Winning a reputable award adds value to your brand and gives validation to your current and future customers. Our experienced writers create winning award submissions for businesses to get recognized for all the work they do. We help you get through the whole award entry process from start to finish.

Contact us today for help with your award submission writing.

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