Proposals that win government contracts

The difference between winning and losing a tender often boils down to how well you communicate your value proposition. With passion and expertise backed by industry certification, we ensure your tenders do more than just meet requirements but tell a compelling story of your suitability, innovation and dedication to your customer's needs. We are architects of persuasive proposals, the storytellers of your capabilities and the champions of your bids.

Our approach to tender writing goes beyond filling in forms and meeting deadlines. We're committed to transforming your proposals into compelling responses that bring winning results on major government contracts. We work closely with your subject matter experts to extract your unique strengths, weaving them into a narrative that scores high with evaluators. Each section, from returnable schedules to management plans and executive summaries, is meticulously crafted to address your customer's needs and clearly express your value. 

The benefits of our tender writing services:

  1. Your bid is persuasive because complex information is converted into easy-to-read content
  2. Your bid success rate improves because key staff can spend more time working on their solutions
  3. You save time and money because bid writing is a time consuming and often confusing process
  4. Your submission is compliant because the client's questions are answered correctly.

Construction industry government tenders

Navigating the intricate landscape of government tenders and construction industry proposals demands more than just the right words; it requires an in-depth understanding of the nuances within the sector. That's where our team excels. We understand the construction, transport, infrastructure and engineering sectors, allowing us to tailor your proposals with pinpoint precision. Recent projects: 

  1. Hunter Central Coast Renewable Energy Zone
  2. M7 Widening and M7/12 Interchange
  3. Upper South Creek Advanced Water Recycling Centre
  4. Western Harbour Tunnel
  5. Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport
  6. Sydney Roads Asset Performance Contract
  7. Sydney Gateway
  8. WestConnex Rozelle Interchange.

Certified proposal writing techniques

We are lifelong learners and certified members of The Association for Proposal Management Professionals, constantly staying abreast of proposal industry trends and evolving tender writing techniques. This dedication to growth enables us to offer you the latest and most effective persuasive writing strategies.

What do people say?

"I have worked with Ollie on several large tenders in the transport sector as a bid writer and editor. Ollie is always a valuable member of a tender team in terms of his efficiency, quality and ability to write clear and concise tender content."

Kate Burrows 
Managing Director at Tender Training College

"I've worked with Ollie on numerous bids for major construction contracts and billion-dollar PPPs. He is a first-class bid writer with great communication skills. He takes ownership of documents and thrives in challenging stakeholder environments. He writes strong responses and handles competing interests and last-minute flashes of inspiration from senior managers with a cool head. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Ollie’s tender writing skills to others."

Mark Cadman
Emerging Markets Director

"Oliver is an all-rounder when it comes to bids and tenders. His attention to detail combined with his strategic approach lead to consistently excellent work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, especially when it's high stakes, must-win opportunities."

Sally Maconochie, MAIPM
Business Winning Consultant, Reazen

Take your bids to the next level

Crafting winning bid documents requires meticulous research, impeccable writing and addressing those all-important evaluation criteria. Doing this in-house can be a huge drain on resources, diverting your key personnel from their core responsibilities. Here's how we supercharge your bids:

Bid strategy and content planning

  1. Ensure that each response answers the question and scores well against the evaluation criteria
  2. Assess your client's tender requirements and their needs
  3. Agree win strategies and develop key messages
  4. Analyse the tender questions and develop content frameworks
  5. Review tender response documents for compliance and impact
  6. Provide feedback and suggest changes that improve your bid submission.

Tender writing, editing and proofreading

  1. Write your tender from scratch and edit material provided by others for inclusion in the bid
  2. Work with subject matter experts to collect information and draft written responses
  3. Turn technical knowledge and ideas into clear, easy-to-read information
  4. Develop interesting, compliant content and weave in key messages
  5. Source suitable case studies and develop evidence to support your claims
  6. Edit, proofread and provide guidance to others on writing styles.

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Our approach to proposal writing is more than just spelling and grammar – we write responses that deliver a compelling proposition and give you a high evaluation score.

Our track record of success speaks for itself, with countless government construction contracts won and satisfied clients. We pride ourselves on not just delivering proposals but creating winning tender submissions that propel your business forward.

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