Why engaging a certified bid writer matters: giving you the best chance of winning

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 12/12/2023

When it comes to writing winning bids, there’s always more to learn! Bluegum’s leading tender writer, Oliver Hogue, has just achieved Certified Bid Writer status through Bid Academy, one of Australia’s largest bid consultancies.

The nine-step specialist course is the first of its kind in Australia, adding to Oliver’s already impressive bid writing expertise!

Here’s how a certified bid writer like Oliver can optimise your tender.

The benefits of using a certified bid writer

You may have a highly skilled team, but do they know how to put a winning bid together?

A certified bid writer can pull together data, ideas and content from multiple sources, ensuring nothing is left out – and everything is optimised.

Then they knit it together into a polished final product, which stands out from all the other run-of-the-mill tenders in the race.

As a complex process with many moving parts, every tender needs to be handled carefully to reach its full potential.

This is where Oliver and the Bluegum team truly excel.

What about AI?

We say both! As tools like ChatGPT gain popularity, more companies are trying them out. Like anything, they have pluses and minuses.

AI can play a valuable role in early-stage bid writing. It can be helpful for research and writing standardised elements like the company profile. Yet an experienced human offers a level of perception and industry knowledge that AI just can’t match.

With his new Certified Bid Writer credentials, Oliver is in a prime position to give clients the best of both worlds – hard-won personal expertise along with digital mastery.

How the professionals work on tenders

There are three essential stages in successful bid writing.

1. Prepare well

This means the bid writer understands your organisation and knows why you are bidding. They are clear about their role, have identified all the deliverables, know how you want the content to develop, and are clear on writing style and structure.

The certified bid writer is comfortable with your team, knows your stakeholders, and is ready to work with expert contributors.

2. Get ahead

This is where the writer will lay a solid foundation. They build the structure, including all key data and content.

They are clear, logical and customer-focused, so every piece of content addresses the bid criteria.

A professional bid writer knows to avoid industry jargon and fluff, simplify complex issues and quantify the benefits with evidence-based content. It’s about cut through, using bullets, tables, headlines, graphics and callouts.

3. Win the race!

A certified bid writer will finish your product with an expert touch. They can finalise and elevate the bid by improving the visuals and enhancing the story. Then they create winning themes and statement benefits.

You will need several drafts to ensure success. Each subsequent draft will refine your story, clarify content and demonstrate your winning expertise.

Keen to get started? Reach out today. We’d love to help you succeed!




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