Our picks from the Engineers Australia Excellence Awards 2023

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 14/12/2023

The Engineers Australia Excellence Awards program is over a century old now, having started in 1919. The program promotes engineering in Australia and recognises outstanding achievements of engineering professionals. The awards are divided into two main categories – Project Awards and People Awards.

To meet the judging criteria for Project of the Year, a project must demonstrate its use of scientific and technological advances to create solutions that improve quality of life. It should show innovation and how it has helped raise the standard of engineering in Australia. Here is a rundown of our favourite projects from the 2023 awards!

Project of the Year – Winner

Boola Katitjin building, Murdoch University WA

A four-storey academic building that comprises an innovative mass engineered timber frame for its upper three levels, and representing the largest of its kind in the state. The building demonstrates the university’s commitment to design innovation and to sustainable practices and methods. It was also used for a world-first robotics trial for the construction industry. Engineers Australia (EA) describes the building as showcasing “what is possible when engineering assumptions are tested, and boundaries are pushed”.

Project of the Year – Finalists

Jabiru Hybrid Renewable Project, NT

An 11.4MW hybrid power station designed to provide over 50% reliable clean energy (in conjunction with diesel) to isolated and remote NT communities. The project made some innovative advancements in hybrid renewable energy engineering to make this happen for these communities. It has reportedly improved business viability and quality of life for Jabiru’s residents, and resulted in a big reduction in diesel use and power blackouts. EA says that the project “exemplifies how engineering excellence can create a better world”.

Heritage Lanes at 80 Ann Street, Qld

A 35-storey tower that is one of the most sustainable commercial buildings in Brisbane’s CBD. The building has taken a ‘people first’ approach. It contains a collection of diverse, open and inviting indoor and outdoor spaces designed to match the evolving needs of the tenants and wider local community – amply meeting the criteria set by the Awards judging panel.

Adelaide Festival Plaza Redevelopment, SA

The new plaza comprises a people-focused mixed-use development containing both sustainable buildings and outdoor gathering spaces. Innovative engineering solutions were required for this project, to prevent wall movements and potential damage to the surrounding heritage structures, and to allow for tree growth. These solutions underpin structural safety and functionality all while remaining invisible to the public.

Central Station Metro Works, NSW

A project delivering significant upgrades to Sydney’s Central Station, and forming part of the larger Sydney Metro City and Southwest project. Works include a new station box beneath three platforms, a ‘Central Walk’, and a refurbished entrance. EA commended the project for having taken a “user-centric approach to structural design and construction”.

Our congratulations

While these were our picks, there were also many other commendable projects and individuals in the program. The Bluegum Communication team would like to extend congratulations to our favourites here, and to all the winners and finalists for 2023!




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