Wrap-up of Inside Construction Foundation Awards 2023

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 10/10/2023

The annual Inside Construction Foundation Awards are designed to showcase innovative major projects that display core standards of safety and sustainability. 

Held each year at the Inside Construction Expo, the Awards recognise individuals and businesses that promote these standards. 

Here’s a rundown of the winners for 2023.

The Rising Star of the Year

This category recognises an individual up to 35 years of age who has made a positive contribution to their organisation and contributed to excellence in service. 

The winner for 2023 is Sarah Frankson, Asset Allocation Manager from Fulton Hogan – a large infrastructure and roadworks company in New Zealand and Australia. 

Industry Leader Award

This award recognises a leader in a senior position, in a private company, a not-for-profit, or a government organisation. To win, the individual must show how that they have shaped the success of their business. This includes delivering financial growth and making a significant positive impact on the culture within their organisation. 

The 2023 winner is Sarah Marshall, from Fulton Hogan. Sarah is the Executive General Manager of People, Safety and Sustainability at the company. 

Woman of the Year

The Woman of the Year Award recognises a woman who has driven change in the industry, broken down barriers, and forged a path to new career opportunities for future generations. 

The 2023 winner is Christina Knorr from Queensland company CJK Fire and Safety. Christina is the Managing Director of the company and an accredited fire safety engineer and expert. 

Operational Excellence Award

This award recognises an individual or team that has delivered improvements in efficiency, Occupational Health and Safety and record keeping. The award was won by Mammoet Australia for its Cross River Rail construction project– a project designed to improve transportation in Brisbane that expertly overcame many challenges. 

Sustainability Initiative of the Year

The Sustainability Initiative recognises a company that has developed an innovative and sustainable program designed to protect the natural environment, and to contribute to decarbonisation and/or reducing waste.

The winner for this year is Material Processing Centre2 (MPC 2) from BINGO Industries. MPC 2 provides recycling infrastructure in Sydney using 100% renewable energy. 

Safety Program Award

The safety category recognises a project or initiative that promotes and improves safety within a business or in the construction industry more generally. 

2023’s winner is the Contractor Safety Management Program from Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC). This program manages and supervises work outsourced to contractors to ensure it complies with ARTC’s stringent safety standards.  

Technology Solution Award

This award recognises a supplier of technology that improves construction industry processes, and that delivers tangible benefits in terms of finances, safety or sustainability. 

It was won by Autodesk Construction Cloud from Autodesk – a software program that connects workflows, teams and data to maximise efficiency, increase profitability and reduce risk.

Local Government Project of the Year

This category recognises completion of a project (or project stage) that has delivered tangible results in terms of budget, safety, sustainability and social target. This year’s winner is Northern Rivers Rail Trail from Hazell Bros QLD. The Trail is a 132km shared pathway that allows users to experience the natural beauty and history of the Northern Rivers region. 

We at Bluegum Communication would like to extend our congratulations to all the 2023 winners!



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