Clever things for small spaces

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 08/04/2014

If you live in a small apartment you have to be clever about where to keep things so they’re not in the way. And even in larger apartments, it still shows if you fail to use the space wisely. Fortunately, there are countless companies with nifty design ideas ideal for saving space and keeping things organised. Here are just a few of them.

Organiser Maxi

A great find for those who are looking for a creative and practical space for their ‘bits and bobs’. Handmade in Australia and great for your kitchen wall or office desk, the Maxi features eight quality nickel-plated card files, four separate cubbyholes, a handy ledge and a generous sized padded noticeboard. It is finished in two fabric choices: linen or dots, and soft, white cotton tape to hold everything in place.

Sofa Arm Wrap

For apartment-dwellers who have no space for a coffee table, this unusual new alternative puts an end to precariously balanced items while you’re watching TV. It’s called the sofa arm wrap. Designed by Blisscraft & Brazen, the wooden arm wraps are custom-made for each couch, armchair or ottoman and make a fantastic surface for a drink or laptop. Made from reclaimed wood, there’s also a plywood version for budget conscious.

Vertical Garden

Helping people create affordable, edible, organic herb and vegetable gardens in small spaces is the mantra of Brisbane-based and online company Productive Gardens. The Vertical Garden product enables apartment dwellers to grow and harvest fresh herbs and vegetables on their own balcony – a great option if you have limited space. And with the large catch tray, no water or mess will overflow to the units below. The 4-layer garden is available in terracotta, stone and slate.

Laundry Pod

Fewer trips to the laundry service, self-sufficiency, convenience and ongoing money savings are the major drivers behind the Laundry Pod – a portable and simple way to do laundry on the go. The Laundry Pod washes 5-10 items using less than 5 gallons of water. And it doesn’t require electricity or any kind of motor, just good old-fashioned manual effort – which makes it ideal for small apartments, students, boats and camping trips. Think salad spinner meets washing machine.

Parrot Zikmu Solo

It may not be the most neighbour-friendly gadget with its three 20-watt speakers and a 6.5-inch, 50 Hz bass, but the Parrot Zikmu Solo sure is stylish. It promises a 360-degree sound experience in a single stereo tower and features wireless speakers, iPhone docking station and full connectivity with Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology. A free App serves as the controller and provides users the ability to adjust the audio settings to suit any room and audio style.

Lava Glass Radiator

 An infrared radiant panel heater sounds sophisticated but it’s not until you realise it’s the picture or mirror hanging on the wall that the genius really kicks in. Unlike conventional heaters, the Lava heats all the objects in the room and not just the air. The clever design is available in a range of sizes, colours, art works, as a mirror, or if you’re feeling creative they can integrate your own picture, photograph or logo. It’s the ultimate combination of energy efficiency and interior design.

This article originally appeared in Community Lifestyle Magazine | Autumn 2014.



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