Walking 200 kilometres in two months: crazy or caring?

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 12/10/2014

Walking to and from work more than five times a day might seem like an odd concept, but that’s how Andrew Whitelaw explains it.

Later this month Andrew will tackle Oxfam’s 100 kilometre Trailwalker Challenge in Brisbane to raise money for world poverty.

“Most people appreciate 100 kilometres is a long way but cannot conceptualise walking that far,” Andrew says.

“I have explained it in the past by suggesting people consider how far it is between their home and work, and then walk that 5 or so times. Everyone has been really supportive, but most people think it’s crazy.”

And, as if one 100 kilometre walk wasn’t enough for Andrew, he and his team, ’Right Foot First’, have also signed up for Oxfam’s Sydney walk in August.

“It was a moment of irrational thought,” he says. We entered the ballot to tackle Sydney and we got in.”

Brisbane’s 100 kilometre walk is through D’Aguilar National Park, while the Sydney walk, also 100 kilometres, is from the Hawkesbury River to Sydney Harbour.

“200 kilometres within two months will be a test. I just hope the feet recover from Brisbane for Sydney.”

The key is putting plenty of kilometres in the legs Andrew says.

“My routine is to start at 5 am and walk either 10 or 12 kilometres Monday to Friday, 15 to 20 kilometres on a Saturday, and a short 6 km or so on a Sunday morning.”

“There’s a sense of excitement about the challenge that awaits, and of course achieving the 100 kilometres with all team members intact. Now we just need to finish what we have set out to do.”

 Andrew Whitelaw leads TressCox Lawyers building and construction team, providing legal advice to Managers and their Owners Corporations in relation to defective works and dispute resolution.



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