Trooper Bluegum: The legend behind the Bluegum brand

Trooper Bluegum: The legend behind the Bluegum brand

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 02/07/2021

Every business has a story. Mine centres on the extraordinary life of my great-great uncle Oliver Hogue, or "Trooper Bluegum" – war hero, celebrated journalist and Major during the first world war.

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business writing books

What’s on the Bluegum bookshelves?

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 26/01/2021

These 10 style manuals, grammar books and tender application guides from Bluegum Communication’s bookshelves cover rules and advice for better writing.

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The use of punctuation for business writing

English grammar: how to use punctuation marks

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 07/10/2020

From capital letters to dashes, this reference for using punctuation marks demystifies the use of punctuation for writing reports and blog posts.

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Plain English writing - clear and concise

Writing in Plain English - tips to write clearly and concisely

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 22/07/2020

Writing in plain English means writing in a dynamic, clear way that helps you communicate better, whether it's writing a report, blog post or white paper.

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award submission writing

Awards for the construction and engineering industry

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 11/04/2020

This list of construction industry awards may include one your business can enter, but do you know how to write a construction industry award application?

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Tips for writing a better tender response

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 27/02/2020

Winning a tender means understanding your unique selling position, having a skilful team and proving you can deliver the required outcomes.

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Winning award submissions

How to write successful award submissions

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 21/11/2019

Following these tips for an award submission will give you a better chance to making it to the shortlist and beyond.

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The role of a tender writer in a winning bid

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 02/07/2019

A tender writer performs these roles to bring professional writing skills to a tender application while unearthing an organisation’s hidden potential.

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Key infrastructure pledges of the 2019 NSW election

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 17/03/2019

Discover the key infrastructure pledges from both major parties ahead of the 2019 NSW election.

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construction tenders and projects

Major projects from 2018 and a peek at the year ahead

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 14/12/2018

As a year of tender writing comes to a close, we take a look at major projects of 2018, and what's on the horizon for next year.

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