Tender industry trends – what’s new?

Tender industry trends – a look at three trends in tendering

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 14/10/2017

We take a look at three trends in tendering: output-focused procurement, growing awareness of false economy, and sustainable practice.

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How design can enhance your tenders and proposals

How design can enhance your tenders and proposals

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 27/09/2017

Design enhances tenders and proposals by drawing the attention of tender panel members to the key elements of the tender.

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Words to avoid when writing tenders and proposals

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 11/06/2017

Clichés are overused words and phrases that reflect a lack of independent thinking in a person, and a lack of dynamism and innovation in an organisation.

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Style guides: Why do you need one and what should it contain?

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 17/05/2017

Traditionally, a publisher – think newspapers – kept a style guide to show the preferred spellings of words (program/programme), when to use italics, and whether to refer to married women as ‘Mrs’ or ‘Ms’.

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Tips on writing an executive summary for tender submissions

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 04/05/2017

We’ve all watched enough TV talent search shows to know that when you audition you need to stand out from the pack – and a tender is an audition for your business.

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How to develop your key messages and winning themes

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 09/04/2017

Too many tender submissions fall into the trap of using rote phrases and arguments to pad out their bids. “We deliver a service second to none” is an unsubstantiated phrase that will likely relegate a bid to the bottom of the pile.

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Top qualities of a good tender writer

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 27/02/2017

Tender writing is a technical skill, much like an engineering blueprint or an architect’s plan. A tender writer needs to be able to meet the strict deadline and format requirements of the tender, while working under pressure from the many stakeholders involved in the proposal.

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Tips on how to win government tenders

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 12/02/2017

Preparing a government tender is a trial for any company. However, a successful business earns more than just a financial reward, it demonstrates it can survive the thorough scrutiny of a government review.

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How to use storytelling as a powerful marketing tool

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 02/11/2016

Emotions often trump facts. When you head out to buy a new pair of sunglasses, you may think you’re looking for a scientific way to reduce glare, or frames that are engineered to stay in shape, or anti-scratch lenses.

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Why you should always proofread your work

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 12/10/2016

Proofreading is one of those jobs that people don’t think about until something goes wrong.

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