Should you hire a professional tender writer?

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 12/03/2015

A professional tender writer can bring a fresh eye to your business, teasing out information that will contribute to the success of your bid, and save you a lot of time in the process.

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Tips to help engineers better communicate their ideas to non-technical professionals

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 12/02/2015

While many engineers enjoy networking and sharing ideas and knowledge, every great communicator in the industry is surrounded by scores of engineers that struggle to engage with audiences because of ineffective communication.

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Tender writing 101: The drafting process for major tender submissions and proposals

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 10/01/2015

A tender writer uses core processes and systems to ensure each document addresses the needs of the client and the requirements of the tender.

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Upcoming transport infrastructure projects make for exciting times in tender town

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 25/11/2014

It’s been a busy year for companies that tendered for transport projects in Sydney and throughout Australia in 2014. There were big wins for some of the major players while others had a year they would rather forget.

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Walking 200 kilometres in two months: crazy or caring?

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 12/10/2014

Walking to and from work more than five times a day might seem like an odd concept, but that’s how Andrew Whitelaw explains it.

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The role of a tender writer during the different stages of a tender submission

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 02/09/2014

The day-to-day role of a tender writer is to work with subject matter experts to convert technical information into persuasive, easy-to-read content, so the client easily understands the benefits of the proposed solution.

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Better writer tip #5: Work on your interview technique, but only if you want to write great stories

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 11/08/2014

You’ve got a great angle on story, it’s exclusive and your editor loves it. Now you just have to nail the interview with your subject and the story writes itself. Easy, right? Wrong. Interviewing someone is hard. So, here are my top tips for conducting better interviews.

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Sustainability in Seattle

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 01/08/2014

Imagine an entire city centre of property owners, managers, developers and tenants collectively focused on reducing the environmental impacts of building construction and operations in the city centre.

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Better writer tip #4: Ban tautologies from your business writing and editing

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 09/07/2014

An easy way to improve your writing and editing is to remove unnecessary words. A tautology is the use of redundant words.

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Better writer tip #3: Get rid of empty words: express your ideas clearly and effectively

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 05/07/2014

Your readers' time is valuable. Don't make them read more words than are necessary.

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