Successfully handling a crisis

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 22/02/2013

There’s an old saying in crisis management that it’s a case of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ a situation will occur that brings the media to your door. And while the nature of the issue can vary greatly between organisations and industries, how you address and respond to that issue can have a dramatic impact on your industry, organisation and career.

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The next level in sustainable apartments

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 14/02/2013

A residential apartment building that combines eco-friendly living with a sense of community might feel like a rare find for the average inner-city dweller, but a development in Brunswick is about to change all that.

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Brett Kelly – Business Owners' Wisdom

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 23/01/2013

Redundant at 22 and not knowing what to do with his life, Brett Kelly took control. But it wasn’t your average response to unemployment.

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On the money – Smart Property Investor

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 18/07/2012

The choice of mortgage product can be a very confusing decision for an investor. In fact, it can also be a costly one if you make the wrong choice.

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Governing the compact city

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 19/06/2012

The key challenges facing the strata industry have been revealed following the completion of the first major study of the sector undertaken in Australia.

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The tyranny of affluence

Posted by Oliver Hogue on 02/06/2012

War was declared in Sydney today. A war on whinging. A story from Sydney Writers' Festival.

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